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Fabric and Denim — Drawstring Bag

Fabric and Denim — Drawstring Bag

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This beautiful handmade drawstring bag features a combination of beautiful print and denim. The African Stained glass pattern was sourced from Ghana in Africa while the other two designs circles and floral were sourced locally.

These good-looking and sturdy drawstring bags are perfect for errands and everyday use.  Even the kids can take this to school!

TreasureHouse Made creates delightful and functional handmade goods and accessories inspired by faith and the beauty of Africa. I have spent a lot of time testing various materials, processes, and vendors and it takes a whole lot to run a handmade venture. It’s not for the faint of heart.

But I’m doing it. Partly because after a long day making a difference in people’s health, time at the sewing machine is so refreshing. Partly because I want people to find good stuff they can use. Partly because I’m not faint of heart😃. 


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