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Delight T-Shirt

Delight T-Shirt

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To delight in God isn’t a shortcut to getting whatever you desire. It’s an invitation to know the heart of God and be transformed by him, desires included.

To delight in the lord is to seek your happiness in God —in his being, his perfections, his friendship, his love. It means to keep company with God. Enjoy serving the Lord. Find happiness in the Lord.

The fact that you seek and find your happiness in him will regulate your desires and you will be disposed to ask only those things that will be proper for him to grant; things that are according to his will, which you have learned as you delight in Him and your heart has been engulfed by his love.

You find that what makes him happy makes you happy, his desire is your desire, and since he brings his own desires to pass anyway, your desire will be granted.

— Written March 26, 2014


The typeface was hand-designed by Toluwanimi Babarinde.

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