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Life Pack: Scripture-based affirmation cards for children

Life Pack: Scripture-based affirmation cards for children

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Life Pack is a deck of scripture-based affirmation cards born out of a desire to see children hold God’s word in their hands and in their hearts, as they step out into daily life.

Each beautifully illustrated magnetic box contains 52 beautifully illustrated cards, and a conversation prompts guidebook for parents. We have arranged scriptures alphabetically so younger kids can learn their A-Z as well!

In the morning, at bedtime, or anytime during the day, we want parents to be comfortable speaking life-giving words to their children and encouraging their little ones to do the same. On the flip side, the words of affirmation will remind them to think the right thoughts always. Created by Abisola Olabisi (Manitoba, CA).


  • 52 beautifully illustrated cards
  • A beautiful magnetic flip-box for storage
  • A parent guidebook
  • Inspiring Verses and Life affirmations


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